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ISBN 962-8429-08-6

  Building and Construction eBook Series Vol. 2
Tall Buildings in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has 7,417 skyscrapers, more than any other city, according to a report released in 2005 by Emporis, a firm that tracks the construction of high-rises. By its definition, a building must be over 35 metres tall to qualify as a skyscraper or tall building.
        In this edition of Tall Buildings in Hong Kong, China Trend Building Press reports on six outstanding tall buildings completed in recent years. With more than 230 digital pages and 400 images, this eBook covers every aspect of the planning, design and construction of these projects.

Two International Finance Centre
Cheung Kong Center
The Center
Langham Place
AIG Tower
Facts and Figures

Opening Address
Raymond Ho Chung-tai

Construction Planning for High-Rise Residential Building
David C W Kwok

Precast to Last
S C Lam, K C Chung and S W Sham

Sustainable Precast Construction Methods for Tall Office Buildings
in Hong Kong

Corum K L Ip

The Renaissance of Quality Maintenance
Alkin C W Kwong

Climbing Scaffold System in High Rise Building
K W Liu & D J Huang

Designing Hi-rise Commercial Buildings
Lam Wo-hei

Evacuation Strategies for Super Highrise Buildings
Luo Ming-chun & Kelvin H L Wong

Installation and Maintenance of External Facade Tiles on Tall Buildings
Daniel Brown & Jonathan H L Siu

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