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June 16, 2024

Luohu North Station TOD

Qingshuihe district sits in the north of Luohu, enjoying comprehensive infrastructure and industrial development. It is included in the Shenzhen-Shanwei High-speed Railway which passes through key districts as in Futian, Luohu, and Pingshan, while Luohu North Station is designed to be a modern integrated transportation hub that combines inter-city railways and supports elevated infrastructure development.

   The project spans 800m from east to west and is 68m wide from north to south, crossing main and secondary urban roads. Under challenging site conditions, the design balances the engineering progress and operational safety requirements of the railway construction while creating an integrated, sustainable TOD community.

Development above Luohu North Station
‘The Luohu North Station is a pioneering project, covering under and above ground development to create a comprehensive hub that serves the residents.’ Leon of Aedas says. The design symbolises a close relationship between urban interconnectivity and nature, using the concept of flowing water within rocks to achieve this integration. Interconnected elevated pedestrian systems are specifically designed to link the entire development, creating an urban oasis. Canopies are utilised to form a 24-hour all-weather corridor, shaping an interactive hub with convenient accessibility.

An integrated TOD stitching the station and city
To increase the efficiency of circulation flow, the entrances are distinctively designed. The interchange of high-speed railway and metro is positioned at the east entrance, offering a unique arrival experience through an iconic façade design.
   The central plaza, situated above the station, exemplifies the seamless integration of station and city, transforming the development into a multi-layered, interactive destination for leisure and entertainment. The design, featuring staggered boxes projects a futuristic image, reflecting the city’s innovative spirit. (Source: Aedas)
Shenzhen Luohu North High-Speed Railway Station TOD
Shenzhen, China
Key Area Development Center of Luoho District, Shenzhen
Design Architect and Masterplanner
Gross Floor Area
110,000 sq m