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June 7, 2021

Lifting of Sky Deck at Huabang International Centre, Guangzhou

The latest stage of construction at Huabang International Centre has been marked with a special ceremony to celebrate the lifting of the sky deck that connects the two buildings within the scheme in Guangzhou, China. Design Partner of 10 Design, Nick Cordingley said the lifting operation took place successfully with the steel structures of the sky deck rising 134.5 m in height above Pazhou, a major new CBD in the City of Guangzhou.  
     The sky deck towers are prominently situated with its north fronting along the simmering Zhujiang River, providing views to the CBD of the Haizhu district and the central axis of Guangzhou. One of the sky deck towers will be trade-marked as Huabang Headquarters, whilst the other tower will accommodate a five star hotel and serviced apartment, totaling approximately 145,000 sq m GFA.  

     The design team have created the sky deck into a signature urban statement - an elevated public space where one can enjoy a spectacular view across the river to the striking skyline of Guangzhou. The sky deck will provide a wide range of amenities for public enjoyment including al fresco dining, a city park, an observatory deck, and a city art gallery.  Beyond the sky deck is the ‘vertical green valley’, the inspiration of which unifies the two towers with a series of stepping green terraces cascading towards the sky deck, unifying the overall composition. The stepping terraces at the upper level then set the rhythm of the main facades of the two towers, allowing the vertical lines to be articulated in the face of the façade. (Source: 10 Design)


Fast Facts 

Huabang International Centre


Pazhou, Guangzhou, China

Huabang Holdings Group

Lead Design Architect
10 Design

Office, hotel, and retail

Site Area
9,293 sq m

145,000 sq m

Office tower - 172 m
Hotel tower - 150 m

Under construction


(Photos: Huabang Holdings Group)