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August 30, 2018

High Speed Rail Service starts on 23 September 2018
Passenger service on the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong High Speed Rail (Hong Kong Section) will commence on 23 September 2018, connecting Hong Kong with the over 25,000 km high speed rail network in the Mainland of China. Professor Frederick Ma, Chairman of MTR Corporation, said that having successfully completed the construction of the Express Rail Link (XRL) as the Project Manager, the corporation is delighted and honoured to be appointed as the operator for the service.
     Regarding a new announcement mechanism set out by the government by which information will be provided to the public if settlement measurement of any monitoring point at railway facilities within Railway Protection Areas reaches the works suspension limit pre-set by the corporation and relevant government departments, or in the event that the settlement may affect railway facilities or operations which requires the suspension of works.
     The MTR Railway Protection Unit will ensure that any works being carried out around railway premises do not affect the railway facilities and the safe operation of the railway. Currently a number of private and public sector projects are being carried out within the Railway Protection Area. The corporation is informed by the relevant government departments responsible for these projects before the commencement of works. To enhance transparency, information on projects being carried out in Railway Protection, the corporation will work closely with the government in accordance with the new announcement mechanism.

(Photo: MTR)

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