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March 31, 2017

Government land rules tightened
Applications for unlawful occupation of government land will no longer be accepted. The Lands Department said the measure is part of its actions to tighten arrangements for processing applications for regularisation of unlawful occupation of government land.
     Those who occupy government land from March 28, 2017 will not be given an opportunity to continue the occupation through regularisation applications. The occupier must leave the land and demolish the structures on it by a stipulated date or face prosecution.
     For unlawful occupation that started before March 28, 2017, if the occupiers submit applications for regularisation before the stipulated period expires, the processing of them will be tightened to prevent the abuse of the applications to stall enforcement actions.
     Noting it is only a discretionary arrangement to continue allowing submission of applications for cases of land unlawfully occupied before March 28, 2017 the department said tightening the processing of applications while imposing a cut-off date for the scope of application is more pragmatic.
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