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October 28, 2016

Updating development strategy and shaping of the built environment of Hong Kong beyond 2030
Secretary for Development Paul Chan launched the public engagement exercise for the Hong Kong 2030+ development strategy on October 27. He said the plan will guide the city’s planning, land and infrastructure development, and shape Hong Kong's built environment beyond 2030."Our vision is for Hong Kong to become a more livable, competitive and sustainable Asia's world city."
     The plan proposes a conceptual spatial framework with a metropolitan business core, two strategic growth areas and three primary development axes, while preserving natural assets and enhancing livability.
     Strategic planning has a long history in Hong Kong. Since the 1970s, the government has reviewed the territorial development strategy around once every decade to embrace new needs and aspirations. The last review, Hong Kong 2030: Planning Vision and Strategy (Hong Kong 2030), was promulgated in 2007. 
     Hong Kong 2030+: Towards a Planning Vision and Strategy Transcending 2030 (Hong Kong 2030+), a comprehensive strategic study to update the territorial development strategy, is built on the foundations of Hong Kong 2030 and has revisited the planning strategy and spatial development directions beyond 2030 in the light of the dynamics and challenges ahead. It represents the Government's vision, policy and strategy for the territorial development of Hong Kong beyond 2030. A visionary, proactive, pragmatic and action-oriented approach is adopted to ensure a focused public dialogue on the key planning issues critical to future development and a timely response to the changing circumstances in and outside of Hong Kong.
     The public engagement will last for six months and activities will include public forums, topical discussions, briefings, guided visits, knowledge-sharing sessions and exhibitions. People can submit comments by April 30, 2017.
        Click here for details.

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