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June 14, 2019

Bangalore's Karle Town Centre masterplan unveiled
UNStudio has designed the new Karle Town Centre (KTC), while UNSense - the arch tech company founded by UNStudio - is collaborating with Karle Infra to curate the use of sensorial technologies throughout the masterplan. 
     The Urban Branding Manual, developed by UNStudio for KTC, analyses the detailed components of the design with a quantitative selective process. The manual explains the design intentions and requirements and is conceived as a tool which can help facilitate the design intentions of the client, engineers, architects, and urban planners so that they collectively understand the principles and motivations behind the previous choices and requirements.
     The manual for KTC is built around three defining pillars: Garden, as the beauty of Bangalore’s lush natural environment deserves to be shared and enjoyed by all, hence it’s colloquial name, ’The Garden City’; Health, because promoting health means a brighter and inspired Indian future; Culture, because of its essential benefit to the core social and economic prosperity of the region.
     The KTC masterplan focuses on the cultural perception of health, security, connectivity and scale, while respecting deeply rooted Indian traditions and beliefs. While security is highly prioritised, the design of the urban plan reflects an open and inviting campus; a place where people can garner a new impression of India.
     The masterplan is highly permeable for both pedestrians and vehicles, seamlessly blending the two. A system of streets transition smoothly into designated drop-off points, while underground roads reduce congestion, thus ensuring minimal transport time and facilitating noise reduction.
     In KTC the landscape and architectural language complement each other and together shape the elements of the urban environment at all scales, from the design of the planter edges, to the architectural features found in the landscape, which merge and blend with the green pockets and roof scrapes of the building facades. The interwoven forms, along with the sensitive integration of nature within the architecture, will let visitors know that KTC is Bangalore’s ‘Garden City of the 21st Century’.

(Source: UNStudio)

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