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July 17, 2017

A unique refreshing rest stop on the street
Inserted into five parking spaces facing 4301 St-Denis Street between Marie-Anne and Rachel, La Vague (The Wave) is 74 wooden frames that rotate in three degree intervals, suggesting the motion of a wave hitting the pavement. The seven shades of blue used in this artistic installation are reminiscent of a wave’s colours seen in daylight. Forty five misters, integrated into the structure, are activated by a magic eye, offering an instantly refreshing sensation. This feeling is created by a rise in the percentage of humidity in the air that decreases the ambient temperature, all without a single water droplet.
     Conceived in San Francisco in 2007, the Parklet (small park) temporarily expands a sidewalk into parking spaces, creating a private or public space for relaxing and socializing. The term "placottoir" (a place to chat) is generally used in the Montreal area to describe a public space that is given back to pedestrians.
     For full story and more images of this innovative and special project by the Montreal firm of Arcadia Studio please refer to BUILDING JOURNAL July 2017 issue. Subscribe
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