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January 10, 2017

The Glass Supper Asia Pacific 2017
On Thursday March 16th Hullett House in Hong Kong plays host to the Glass Supper Asia Pacific, this event engages perhaps the highest level of architectural glass and facade industry dignitaries together in one place under one roof on one continent, for one day.
     A truly unmissable event for Captains of industry from the architectural fraternity to spend quality time with ultimate decision makers from the interdependent glass and facade industry, Glass Supper Asia Pacific is for individuals who want to know more about the world in which we live, guests will hear new and important information that concentrates the mind and learn how this industry is well aware that the future is not something you wait for, it's something you create.
     During the networking breaks you will hear constructive dialogue between authentic leaders discussing what they have found to be the most challenging things they have faced in terms of designing and constructing a building, they will share technology that works for everyone, and the best way to move the industry collectively forward.
     This exciting event facilitates previously unprecedented access to global boardroom discussions originated in London and has now been brought to Kowloon Hong Kong, this is where you will learn that architects, the patternmakers of the world, absolutely love sexy see through glass and will never allow it to become a declining asset in buildings. We are extremely lucky to hear these particularly talented speakers talking to us not just about the current topics and trends, but on the issues that really matter to each and every one of us that lives on this earth.
     The Glass Supper Asia Pacific 2017 - So many great reasons to be there!
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The Glass Supper 2016 in Gibson Hall London


SFE 2016 Award winners ..... with Chief Planning Officer for London Annie
Hampson and Past President of the Society of Facade Engineering Chris Macey.


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